BACeye v. is available

We listend to our customers and worked hard to bring the next version BACeye to life! Great new features and many improvements! Check them out!

Many thanks to all our customers for the awesome feedback!

  • New Feature: StaticDeviceAdressBinding - Support for devices which are located in other IP subnetworks and for devices which do not support the Who-Is service.
  • New Feature: Use Keys Alt+S within the detail view to send changed properties to the device
  • New Feature: BACnet MAC-Address is displayed within the caption of the object list
  • New Feature: Optionally skip confirmation dialog when sending values via BACnet
  • New Feature: Separately configurable polling intervals for watchlist and zoom windows
  • New Feature: Filter and sorting criteria for EDE-Export
  • New Feature: Type of license (Floating or personal) is displayed within the info dialog.
  • Improvement: Enhanced user interface for adding entries for BACnet-Calender objects
  • Improvement: Object name and description can be added as optional columns to the watchlist.
  • Improvement: BACup & Restore procedure. Caution! BACeye-Backup-Archives build with a previous version of BACeye cannot be restored. If You need to restore an old Archive please get in touch with us or use Version 1.1.2 of BACeye.
  • At last... we fixed several bugs :-) 

You are missing a feature? Let us know about whats missing!

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